15th Annual Leadership Dinner

Thursday, February 27, 2020 | 5:30 - 8:30 PM
Chattanooga Convention Center

featuring keynote speaker DeDe Halfhill, Executive Leadership Coach

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Keynote Speaker: DeDe Halfhill

Executive Leadership Coach & Colonel, United States Air Force

DeDe Halfhill is a Colonel in the United States Air Force, Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator and Executive Leadership Coach. While you may not know her name yet, we can assure you that you will be in awe of her presence. She has more than 20 years of leadership experience and at one time was responsible for the leadership development of 33,000 airmen. At IMPACT, DeDe will discuss what it means to show up as a leader, how all humans collectively can write a different story for what leadership and, and what moving forward - together - can bring.

Ms. Halfhill is a Georgetown University-certified Executive Leadership Coach with more than 23 years of experience leading a variety of small teams to large, complex organizations. Ms. Halfhill's engaging leadership style was recently featured in Dare to Lead by Dr. Brene Brown.

Within the Air Force, Ms. Halfhill held a variety of positions at the squadron, group, wing, Air Staff, combatant command and combined command levels, including a tour with the Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, "The Thunderbirds." Other positions include:

  • Department of Defense Legislative Fellow for Senator Evan Bayh
  • Senior National Defense Fellow with Georgetown University's Institute for the Study of Diplomacy
  • Strategic Communication Advisor to the Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force
  • 2 deployments to Iraq: 1) Public Affairs Advisor to the Commanding General, Multinational Forces, Baghdad, Iraq and 2) Commander, 332nd Expeditionary Force Support Squadron, Joint Base Balad, Iraq

During her time as a D.O.D. National Security Fellow with Georgetown University, Ms. Halfhill was commissioned to develop a leadership curriculum for professional women. In March 2019, Ms. Halfhill became certified as a Dare to Lead Facilitator with Dr. Brene Brown. In this role, she has had the honor of working with military and civilian audiences alike. She is often pursued to speak on the topic of vulnerable leadership as it relates to traditionally male-dominated decision-making spaces.

Her keynote address is for anyone who is leading or is part of a team. While the CWLI team believes we have a civic responsibility to bring thought-provoking conversation forward that allows us to map a more positive future for professional women, Ms. Halfhill's address will be as relevant for men as it is for women. We are thrilled to welcome her to the IMPACT stage to help us further examine what the road map to seeing more women in decision-making spaces looks like.

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