Game ChangeHer

Applications for the Class of 2020-21 are now open!

For 24 years, CWLI has provided high-quality professional development to women seeking to improve their leadership capabilities. Launched in 2008 as Women Mentoring Women, this intensive Leadership Track became Game ChangeHer in 2019. This 16 session series offers a combination of personal and professional development curriculum that strengthens the skills and abilities of women and provides them with tools to serve as effective mentors and leaders in the Greater Chattanooga community.

Participants meet bi-weekly from September 2020 - May 2021, and have the privilege of learning from a variety of the most prominent female leaders in Chattanooga. Game ChangeHer has an added component of site-based mentorship in partnership with Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy (CGLA). 

Participants from CWLI will be paired in mentoring groups with the 8th Grade Class of CGLA. They will practice the skills they learn through valuable mentor/mentee activities. This real-time experience is essential to refining the leadership skills of Game ChangeHer participants. Learning module topics include but are not limited to, Generational Mentoring, Effective Listening & Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Skills Finder, Personal Branding and more. The cost for the program is $750 (or approximately $45 per session). 

We believe it is our responsibility to advance servant leadership as a core component of the CWLI mission. We desire for the women of CWLI to conduct themselves as “stateswomen” who understand their obligation to work in and improve the community in which they live. Once nominated, the CWLI team will follow up with the nominee to begin the application and selection process for the next Game ChangeHer class. We look forward to discovering who will be next to join the distinguished alumni of this Leadership Track.

We are excited to announce that applications for CWLI'S Game ChangeHer mentoring program open June 15, 2020 and close on July 1, 2020. You do not have to have been previously nominated to apply for this program. 
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"This program was totally out of my box, as I had spent 15+ years working with, for and around men. Through this course, I met many amazing, powerful, confident women who actually took the time to lift me up at a time when my career was in a very dark place. I credit this curriculum and its presenters for helping me achieve the position I currently have in my workplace. The best lesson I learned is that I am me, and I don't need to change for anyone or any place of employment."

Danna Vaughn, Assistant Chief, Chattanooga Police Department

"Women Mentoring Women helped me elevate my confidence level as a woman. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to meet so many successful leaders and learn how they got to where they are today."

Chantel Pitts, First Tennessee Bank